FDr. Slams Johns Hopkins for Censoring own #COVID Study that Finds No Increase in Deaths

WASHINGTON, DC, November 27 — A new scientific study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University that contradicts the generally accepted narrative regarding #COVID19 was just pulled from the school’s website. An archived link to the study is here and the original video presentation is here.

The study was directed by Genevieve Briand, Assistant Program Director/Senior Lecturer, MS in Applied Economics, Johns Hopkins University. JHU posted an article that featured the study on its own website, then caved to political pressure and deleted it.

Dr. Steven E. Greer, MD, who just released the best-selling book, Tony’s Virus, was not surprised.

In a nutshell, the study shows no increase in overall deaths to date due to COVID, which means that COVID is not the deadly pandemic many in the media hype.

At the same time, the regular flu season seems to have disappeared, which is impossible. Hospitals are not testing for flu because COVID pays them more in DRGs.

The media reports an increase in hospitalizations of COVID. Those are likely regular flu as well as false positives. The PCR tests are 90% false positive. The common cold coronavirus would show up as a positive test.

Why the fearmongering? Money and politics. The goal is to exert power through lockdowns and masks, both of which do nothing to prevent COVID.

It is all in my book Tony’s Virus.

Steven E. Greer, MD has also written Rules to Stop Radicals, The Medical Advocate, and The Handbook of Plastic Surgery, along with dozens of peer-review medical journal articles and several Op-Eds for the Wall Street Journal. He offers a diverse perspective on subjects. A surgeon who pioneered new ways to treat chronic wounds in the nursing home setting, he also became a Wall Street analyst and portfolio manager 20-years ago. As a derivative of those efforts, he created The Healthcare Channel and ventured into the news and media business.

Dr. Greer has long been an outspoken critic of the fee-for-service American healthcare system corruption. He is a frequent contributor to New York radio and many cable TV shows, such as OANN, Fox News, CNBC, and MSNBC.

CONTACT: Trevor FitzGibbon, 704–775–0487 TrevorFG@Protonmail.com


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